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I am a Fine Art graduate of De Montfort University,

Leicester and I hold a Masters degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK.

I have obtained scholarships from the Greek State

Scholarships Foundation and Vardinoyannis Foundation and was awarded with the The Paget & Clephan Prize.

I have taught engraving at the department of Plastic Arts and Art Sciences at the University of Ioannina.

I have participated in various exhibitions in Greece and


I live and work at Heraklion, Crete.

Solo exhibitions

​2012     Intimate landscapes, Elika Gallery, Athens

2009    Wallpapers, TinT Gallery, Project Room, Thessaloniki


Group exhibitions

2021    International KOGEI Award in Toyama, Japan 

​2018    Caritas Romana, Thessaloniki International Film Festival

2018     A mirror to  reflect myself upon, taf Gallery, Athens

2017     Landscape Revisited, Elika Gallery, Athens

2017     Retrospective, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki

2017     Monitor Festival, Cultural Center, Heraklion

2017     Noble Gestures, artAmari Residency, Rethymon

2016     Monitor Festival, Cultural Center, Heraklion

2014     uP, metamatic:taf Gallery, Athens

2013     Afresh A new Generation of Greek Artists, EMST

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

2013     Synthesis, Francoise Heitsch Gallery, Munich

2013     Deja vecu, Anamesa Gallery, Athens

2013     Art Athina, Elika Gallery, Athens

2013     Out of paper, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki

2011      Οcc One, Gallery 50-1, Limassol

2011      Οcc One, TinΤ Gallery, Thessaloniki

2011      Limit,  St. Mark's Basilica,Heraklion

2010     Silence,St. Mark's Basilica, Heraklion

2010     Recollection10, TinΤ Gallery, Thessaloniki

2009    Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki

2009    Greek Printmaking an Overview,

2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2009    Anthropopanida,  St. Mark's Basilica, Heraklion

2009    I create, therefore I am, Center of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2008    Greek Printmaking an Overview, Technopolis, Athens

2008    (Wo + Man =?)  2 , Athens

2003    Central Saint Martins Degree Show, London

2003    Touch And Go, Space 44, London

2003    Mutiny, OXO Tower, London

2002    Fresh Art Fair, London

2002    De Montfort University Degree Show, Leicester


Throughout my practice I look for the "essence" in my intimate and natural environment. Ideas of escapism and nostalgia run throughout the works.


In my cut-out based work, the image is shaped through the disappearance of its material substance while through color detraction, the white that remains references a reality that has been eliminated, becoming one with the infinite. Through the whiteness, every trace of materiality is lost and exterior forcible values like power, wealth, beauty and social status are negated, allowing for the imposition of silence. According to Plato, only ideas encapsulate the true and essential nature of things. The essence exists in the Idea, not in materiality.

In a search for spirituality, the works commence an existential self-examination aiming towards the return to the meaningful. The use of transparency in the works reflects clarity as a challenge, as well as pursuit in the introspection process.

My reference to nature symbolises the desire and longing to return to the essential. The immaterial landscape, similarly to the one portrayed in the Arcadian Landscape becomes a point of escape  and a means of catharsis. The persistent observation and enlargement of plant details leads to a process of introspection and inwardness, focusing on the beauty that is deeper, which we usually pass by and miss. 


In part of my work I employ lace as a symbol of familiarity, normality and safety. In a quest for essence I review and deconstruct those eternal values that lace references. I use the process of “distillation” of lace, which leaves it's substance on the embossed traces on white paper, signs of the enclosed sentiments and thoughts of those who knitted them. Lace escapes its connotations by destroying its form, thus negating its common purpose. 

By knitting the phrase from Goya's Caprichos "Can't anyone untie us?", I express the vain effort for liberation.

The white tissue paper curtains are made to install in public places and create a safe, homey environment, carrying the idea of hiding and protecting from the intruders. The curtains become fragile, and their function is once again canceled out.

The massive production of black and white photocopy wallpaper-lace is an installation that challenges the precious heritage made here from cheap photocopy paper aiming to imprison and engulf the viewer. The rope with knots made out of lace hanging from the ceiling functions as a vain attempt to escape from a repetitive, repressive environment.

​The paper boats refer to futile escapism since they compose a larger work of lacing. The wedding dress builds on that idea, portraying the battle for liberation from oppressive conventions of the past and a quest for substance. 

Paper has been a fundamental material in my art work. It’s a pure, serene, fine, delicate material, which can carry my ideas. In addition, tissue paper because of it’s transparency shapes a foggy, hint atmosphere, that fades gently into the background. 

My work is fleeting, fragile, light, silent, pale. It creates a connection with our inner nature. It aims to become a pathway towards our purification, creating a hint atmosphere, a gap in time, a connection with eternity.

My artwork is a devotion to our Sacred Nature.

The Technique

In my cut-out based work, I take inspiration from nature and use photos, I have taken. I replace the drawing with a peculiar process of taking away material from paper. The final image is crafted out of layers of semi-transparent paper placed on top of each other.

I digitally manipulate my photo and transform the image into five tonal levels or more. I trace each tonal level in a different tissue paper and start cutting and removing the excess tone.

Finally, I place all the tissue papers on top of a black cardboard and glue them carefully.  

My final step is to cover the image with a tissue paper. 

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